Friday, August 28, 2009

Eat More Salad

Remember Michael Pollan and how he said we should all eat more greens? Well, I'm doing my best, but I would really rather eat more ice cream. But anyway, my CSA is helping a lot by giving me weekly piles of non-lettuce greens (my dirty secret: I don't like lettuce much). The past two weeks we've had these mild, crisp mustards with juicy white stems. They look like giant mizuna. Here's a pretty salad I made with those greens, carrots, cucumbers from my trip to Hood River, marigold petals, and backyard tomatoes. I've got a lot of chervil and parsley right now too, so those are in there as well.

If you've come over in the past week, I've probably made you look at The HerbFarm Cookbook, which I have out from the library. In case I haven't seen you since I checked it out, I'll take this opportunity to shove it into your virtual hands. Here! Don't you want to try Marjoram Cornbread? How about Roasted Beet, Dill, and Frisee Salad? Black Bean Soup with Apple? Well, I do, and if you make any of these things, feel free to invite me over for dinner.

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