Thursday, November 12, 2009

Catch Up

It's been so long, and I have so many pictures to share, that I'm going to make this post almost all pictures. Enjoy, and try making some Fromage Fort (pictured below in the little green crock) next time you find your cheese drawer full of little bits of all kinds of cheese. Also, do you see the spiral plate with kiwi berries and fresh figs in it? I found all of those on a walk around the neighborhood. Also, two of my cherry tomato plants are still producing good-tasting, uncracked tomatoes in the middle of November!

I have tons of this amazing apple cider in my new chest freezer! Remember when I went to Hood River for a super-fun cider squeeze? I never got to show off this picture.

Corn from my CSA--I turned some of it into DIY corn-nuts, and ground some to make cornmeal that got used in corn muffins and waffles.

We didn't find very many edible mushrooms during a recent mushroom hunt, but we did get to see these lovely fairy birdbaths and spend some time in the dripping, mossy woods. Also, there are a lot of things the color of a chanterelle: a glowing yellow-orange maple leaf; a wet chunk of Douglas Fir heartwood; an orange peel tossed out of a car window. I bet I'll still find a load of chanterelles before Thanksgiving.

Fall is really pretty. I don't have any pictures of the 17 pounds of big, crisp Fuyu persimmons I brought home last weekend after picking with the Portland Fruit Tree Project, so instead I will leave you with this Laurelhurst Park duck swimming with the fallen leaves.

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